The Best Electric Loppers

The day after a storm is always the worst. What makes it worse? Storm cleanup. If you’re looking for an easy way out, we’re here to make your day better. You could use an eclectic lopper to get things done.
Lopper is a kind of scissor that you can use for trimming twigs and small branches. This goes hand in hand with a leaf blower or a wood shredder to clean up. Gardeners can leverage the longer handles of loppers and cut branches of size up to 2inch diameter.

An electric lopper should make your life easier and gardening relaxing

But what makes this manual labor easier? With the innovation of technology, hand tools producers are approaching automated tools. We’re here to make your acquaintance with fully automated electric loppers. We have also reviewed some of the 6 best electric loopers to nudge you toward the right purchase below.

Electric Loppers vs Manual Loppers 

Manual Loppers

Manual loppers are nothing but scissors with long handles. They work with manual labor. It cuts up to 2inch diameter branches and is usually used for shaping garden’s decorative plants. There are also two types of manual loppers.

  1. Bypass loppers
  2. Anvil loppers

Bypass and Anvil loppers have one primary difference. You cut the living branches with one, and with the other, the dead ones. 

Bypass Loppers 

Bypass Loppers use two blades to work side by side like scissors. What’s the benefit? It gives the branch a clean cut. Two blades work simultaneously on the living branches and take one punch to cut branches under a 1-inch diameter. What is so special about a clean-cut? Well, a clean-cut allows a tree to heal much quicker.

Bypass Loppers are usually used for trimming shrubs and debris. They can work wonders around your office or home. They also cut grass. Wild bushes would not be a problem anymore if you got yourself a Bypass Loppers.

Anvil Loppers

Anvil Loppers are those loppers that use a sharp blade joined with a flat, less sharp edge. The straight blade gives extra leverage and helps you to cut up to 2inch diameter branches. They work better on dead branches and can be the best solution for wild bushes and thick dead branches. You can also use them for trimming off the edges of the bushes.

For living branches with a diameter of less than one inch, Bypass Loppers are the way to go. But if you need extra leverage cutting dead branches with a diameter up to two inches, we suggest you use Anvil Loppers. 

Electric Loppers

The technological advancement gave manual hand operated loppers a new look. As in manual loppers, you are not the driving force for electric ones because it’s electric and more efficient. So, be sure to get the least tiring gardening experience with an electric lopper! 

Most of the loppers contain a battery, and the operating voltage ranges from 18volts to higher. The electric loppers are designed for heavy-duty cutting jobs and are perfectly safe as well. With a manual lopper, you can cut up to 2-inch diameter, whereas with an electric one, you can easily handle bigger branches that require a chainsaw.

Basically, electric loppers are big electric scissors with which you trim a tree without worrying about the safety much. However, we recommend you using eye protection and a hat to avoid any unfortunate injury. 

Electric Loppers Vs. Chainsaw

The electric loppers and chainsaw are basically of the same operating principles. However, they differ in technical specifications and applications.  

As we said earlier, an electric lopper is a big electric scissor to trim trees in your garden with precision, and the long handles give you the advantage of cutting higher branches.

Their weight ranges from 2.5 to 5 kg and is easy to handle. Designed for light pruning jobs, they are lighter and also require less power to operate. The power ratings are in the range of 0.8W to 1.9 kW.

With an electric lopper, your gardening is more accessible and less manual labor. 

On the other hand, a chainsaw is used for cutting large sections of wood or felling trees. These works don’t require such good precision but a lot of power. Chainsaws can be manual, electric, or petrol powered. 

They are heavier than electric loppers with a greater cutting diameter. Intended for more massive works, they require more power too. Their power rating ranges from 1.8 kW to 6 kW. 

When it comes to handling, chainsaws require some kind of experience to run your operations smoothly. You need to be extra careful, too when working with a chainsaw.  

What is the difference between a Lopper and a Pruner?

Well, both the loppers and power share the same operating principles. Both are used for trimming. The fundamental difference lies in their application and their size. 

Pruners are a small, one-handed tool used for cutting small branches of less than half-inch diameter. If you have lots of small ornamental plants in your room or corridor, you use a pruner to keep them tidy. 

Loppers are two-handed tools with long handles for cutting small to medium branches ranging from half to 2inch of diameter. The long handles give you the advantages of cutting long branches with ease.

With loppers, you can trim those branches which you can’t reach with a pruner. If you have a small garden in your home or porch, pruners are good enough to give your garden a good shape. However, if you have a medium and large garden with various fruit and vegetable trees, there is nothing better than a lopper. 

Like loppers, pruners are two types as well: anvil pruner and bypass pruner. Their design and functions are similar to those of anvil loppers and bypass loppers. 

What is the Right Garden tool for you?

Maintaining a garden requires not only a great effort but also the right tool for the right job. Sounds a bit confusing, right? Well, let us elaborate. 

Whether you have a small garden in your backyard or a big farmhouse garden, there is a lot of work to do. Starting from cutting the dead branches and twig to felling trees, you will need various tools. Without the right tool, you may ruin your garden or cause yourself an injury!

To keep your garden tidy and all the small ornamental plants in shape, pruners can be of great help. 

If you want to cut larger branches, don’t force with a pruner. Instead, use the loppers! As the loppers look like pruners apart from having long handles, they are also called long-handed loppers.

Need more chopping work? Well, use a chainsaw! They are powerful, big, and can be dangerous, too, if not handled properly.

So, selecting the right tool depends on your requirement. These necessary tools also come in various styles and have a different price range. Whatever tool you use, make sure they come with quality and value for your money. 

6 Reviews of Electric Loppers

1. BLACK+DECKER Lopper LP1000

Product Link: Click Here

Product description: If battery life worries you and you have got a well regulated electrical system in your garden, then this lopper should get more priority. A lightweight lopper is every gardener’s first choice. The BLACK+DECKER Lopper works with vegetable-based bar and chain oil, which is cheaper in the rate and safe for your garden’s environment. If you worry about the workability, let us assure you it can cut tree branches up to a 4inch diameter. Use a long-distance cord for flexible use. 

Quality and Design: Chain Saw weights only 6.5lb, which will put a smile on your face while working. A 4.5AMP motor and 6inch bar and chain deliver fast cutting and prolonged chain life.


  • Works on AC.
  • Powerful 4.5-Amp motor.
  • Auto chain tensioning.

2. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Electric Lopper CMCCSL621D1  

Product Link: Click Here 

Product Description: If you’re looking for hand tools, you probably came across the name CRAFTSMAN. They are in the business for about 90 plus years. CRAFTSMAN V20 is a handy, powerful cordless lopper equipped with a high-performance lithium battery. With a 4-inch cutting-diameter, you’ll cut through your storm debris in no time. A handy 10lb tool will make your gardening a lot easier.

Quality and Design: CRAFTSMAN V20 is the coolest looking lopper on this list. If you’re a gamer, you’ll love its design. It’s also one of the heaviest ones on the list. However, Its weights will give you more momentum, and a double trigger system makes it safer.


  • 2AH lithium-ion battery.
  • Automated oiling for the least maintenance
  • Patented clamping jaws
  • Offers three years warranty

3. PowerSmart PS8204 Electric Lopper

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: PowerSmart Electric Lopper is an entirely electric lopper that requires no oiling. It has a front handle that will give you a chainsaw like feeling. It’s 5 Amp powerful motor cuts through branches like sheets and has an enclosed jaw guard around the chain that’ll keep your hand safe. PowerSmart Electric Lopper will not only help you with your storm cleanup but also tidy up your garden.

Quality and Design: PowersSmart Loppers are not like other loppers. It’s more like a chainsaw than a scissor. Uses a switch to widen the jaws. It offers a single bolt auto tensioning system, which is easy-to-use.


  • Uses a single-bolt auto-tension system
  • Enclosed jaw guard for safety
  • Uses a front handler

4. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Alligator Electric Lopper

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Alligator Lopper is a cordless battery running lopper. With only 6lb weight, you can use it like scissors. Works on a high-performance lithium battery that will allow you to use even in remote areas. It’s cheaper than other cordless loppers. 

Quality and Design: Comes with a 2AH lithium-ion battery, and if you’re looking for extra hours, there’s a 4AH battery available. In terms of size and shape, it’s just a big plier. There are two auto chain tensioning bolts available. If you’re using other hand tools of the BLACK+DECKER company, these batteries are compatible with most of them.


  • 150 cuts of 1-1/2inch diameter branch per charge
  • Uses dual hand switches for activation
  • Weighs only 6.8lbs

5. TUOSEN SK5 High-Performance Compound Action Anvil Electric Lopper 

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: One of the common difficulties you face while working in your garden is trimming branches at a height. The TUOSEN SK5 is a heavy-duty tool that cuts up to 2-inch thick wood branches effortlessly. The telescopic handles and a comfortable grip make sure you won’t get tired after a day-long work in the garden. 

Design and Quality: The long telescopic handles give you the advantage of cutting the higher, tougher, and larger branches with ease.  


  • 28-40inch telescopic handle
  • Comes with a high-quality SK5 steel blade
  • Long-lasting
  • Weighs about 1.5 kg

6. KSEIBI 252606 Anvil Lopper

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: Reach the higher branches of shrubs effortlessly from the ground with a KSEIBI 252606! The lopper can trim the bushes, woody branches, and stems of up to 2 inches thick. 

Quality and Design: The lopper features an extendable handle so that you can make it longer or shorter as you like. The heavy-duty lopper reduces your gardening labor to a great extent.


  • 27-40 inches extendable aluminum handles
  • Thumb release lock button
  • Comfortable grips
  • Durable

Bonus: Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PR17215S Cordless Rechargeable Electric Pruner

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: Note: this is another smaller pruner option. This hand-held battery-powered pruner is a gem! If you are feeling, maintaining an aesthetic garden is taking all your energies? Well, a handy pruner can make it easy for you. This versatile pruner cut branches of diameter up to ¾ inches. The pruner reduces hand fatigue can be your best gardening companion! 

Design and Quality: The 7.2Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Rechargeable Pruner is specifically designed for taking the pruning stress off your hand. It’s lightweight and compact with a soft grip handle to prevent falling from your hands. 


  • Offers two years of warranty
  • Cuts up to 800 times per charge
  • Eco-friendly and long-lasting

Bonus: Sun Joe PJ3600C Cordless Rechargeable Power Pruner

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: NOTE – this a pruner, smaller than a lopper. Save you some hassle of the repetitive pruning job in your garden and get a pruner! The Sun Joe can trim branches up to half inch’s diameter within 0.6 seconds! The rechargeable pruner takes little time for charging, and you can use it for days without charging. It cuts not only fast but also cuts precisely! So be it a small fruit tree, or vegetable or flower, the Sun Joe will take the best care of your garden. 

Design and Quality: The Sun Joe is 3.6 volts, a 2000mAh cordless rechargeable power pruner which can cut both soft and wood branches of diameter up to half inches.


  •  Fast charge within 65 minutes
  • Can perform up to 750 cuts per charge
  • Built-in safety switch
  • Comfortable grip


A lot of work goes into growing a fascinating garden. The right tool can make the process much easier for you. Your garden can be a happy place. We have gathered some valuable information about electric loppers on our buyers’ guide, including 10 electric loppers reviews to help you choose the right one. Check them out.

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