10 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

If you’re looking for a tool to clean up your yard, garden, or sidewalk, a leaf blower is what you need. You’ve spent time cleaning up hedges, chopping dead branches, and trimming your lawn. So how do you keep the leaves clean? Like every other tool, leaf blowers used to have gas engines previously. However, like every other tool, you’ll find cordless, battery-powered leaf blowers nowadays.

Even now, you’ll find a lot of homes where they use the old gas run leaf blowers, but the battery-powered ones entered the market quite some time ago, and we suggest you take these instead. But why should you opt for battery-powered leaf blowers? Here’s why:

tree with leaves on the ground
Tree With Leaves on Ground

What Makes Battery Powered Leaf Blowers Better?

There are a lot of factors that make battery-powered leaf blowers better than the traditional ones. For starters, battery-powered leaf blowers are cordless. It means you can carry them around with you, and you don’t have to carry any additional weight, such as a motor, along with that. Then again, it also eliminates the necessity of wiring.

If you use a gas-powered leaf blower, you need to set it up first, and it’s a pretty lengthy process. Firstly, you need to open the tank, and then you need to fill it up. Once the tank is full, you have to set the choke and then pull the recoil handle. 

On the other hand, you only need to recharge a battery-powered leaf blower after each use, and you’re good to go! 

As you can see, battery-powered leaf blowers are better than gas-powered leaf blowers in every way. So, we highly recommend you buy the best battery-powered leaf blower in your budget. What is the best battery powered leaf blower on the market? Before we find out, let’s look at how you can buy the best battery powered leaf blowers on the market!

Who Makes the Most Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower?

There are a lot of leaf blower manufacturers, but among them, Greenworks makes the most powerful cordless leaf blowers. If you take a look at our list, you’ll find three Greenworks products, and the top position is also taken by a Greenworks leaf blower. 

Greenworks have been making leaf blowers for a long time. Their high-quality brushless motor, axial fan and efficient batteries make them the most powerful cordless leaf blowers on the market. 

What is the best battery powered leaf blower on the market? The Greenworks 80V is the one! 

Which Cordless Blower is the Best?

Among thousands of leaf blowers on the market, often it gets very tough to select the best one. This is why people often end up buying a leaf blower that isn’t suitable for their purpose. This ultimately leads to one thing only, wastage of money. 

So, we crafted this guide that’ll help you figure out which leaf blower is best for you in your budget. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Yard Size

The first thing you should consider is how large the yard is. If you’re not buying it for your yard, then consider whatever place you’ll be cleaning with the blower. Different blowers have different power that is rated with CFM, or cubic feet per minute. 

If you are cleaning a large area with a lot of trees, you need a blower with a high CFM. On the other hand, if you’ll be cleaning a smaller area that’s less congested, you’ll be okay with one with lesser CFM. 

Type of Leaf Blower

There are different types of leaf blowers that you can choose from. For instance, there are wheeled leaf blowers, backpack style leaf blowers, and handheld leaf blowers. Which one will suit you best? 

Multiple Speed Settings

Although most affordable leaf blowers can be operated in only a one-speed setting, the speed on the higher-end ones can be changed as per necessity. This is very convenient as it will allow you to clean a variety of terrain efficiently without damaging anything. 

For example, if you’re cleaning a large area with lots of trees, you can set the speed too high, which will clean everything up very fast. On the other hand, if you’re cleaning a small area with lots of shrubs, a high-speed setting can actually damage the shrubs. In such cases, you can use low-speed settings. 

10 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers on the Market:

1. Greenworks 80V (B01ID88JLW):

Product Description:

What is the best battery powered leaf blower on the market? The Greenworks 80V! This leaf blower is undeniably the one you should get. Although it’s the most expensive tool on this list, it has all the right to be. This amazing battery powered leaf blower boasts a 2.5Ah, 80V battery that offers 145mph and 580cfm power. 

With this high raw power, you’ll be able to blow away both wet and dry leaves with ease. If you’re wondering how you’ll get such high power from a battery-powered leaf blower, here’s the answer. Unlike many other tools, this one uses a brushless motor, which offers almost five times more efficiency. That’s why you can get a performance like gas-powered leaf blowers from this tool.

Then again, it features multiple speed settings; you don’t always have to use the highest speed setting. This not only saves energy, but it allows the user to clean each terrain efficiently. Plus, there’s also a turbo button that provides the user the extra punch they’re looking for. 

Product Design and Quality

The Greenworks 80V is a backpack blower that packs a punch. Its power draw is similar to that of a gas-powered leaf blower, which is solely due to the brushless motor. It also offers an axial fan, which is very convenient in managing soggy leaves. It’s lightweight, so you’ll be able to carry it easily. 

Product Features

  • 2.5Ah, 80V battery
  • Brushless motor for greater efficiency
  • 145mph and 580cfm blowing power
  • Lightweight
  • Axial fan

Product Link: Click Here

2. Snapper XD 82V MAX (B01IY813X2)

Product Description:

The Snapper XD 82V Max is definitely one of the best battery powered leaf blowers on the market. In fact, there’s a model of this blower that even exceeds the raw power of the Greenworks 80V leaf blower! 

The Snapper XD 82V MAX can be bought in two models. You can either pick the 550cfm variant or the 700cfm variant. Now, the 700cfm variant is an absolute beast, but it doesn’t mean that you need it. If you have to clear a very large area, only then you should opt for it. 

Then again, the leaf blower provides a wind velocity of 130mph, which is quite adequate for any user. You can control the speed of the flow using the infinite speed flow technology, which makes this leaf blower even more convenient.  

Product Design and Quality:

With the packaging of the Snapper XD 82V MAX, you’ll get a charger that offers fast-charging and a lithium battery. The battery of this leaf blower can run it for 40 minutes straight with a single charge. 

The base of this leaf blower is designed to improve the stability of this tool, and it does a pretty good job. The handle comes with a rubber grip; thus, it’s very easy to hold onto. Then again, it also offers a convenient design so that you can operate it easily. The buttons and triggers are placed strategically, so you won’t have to struggle to reach them. 

The incredible power comes from a brushless motor that’s built into this leaf blower. The motor is not only efficient, but it’s very powerful too. 

Product Features:

  • Can run for 40 minutes at a single charge
  • Available in 550cfm and 700cfm variants
  • Offers a velocity of 130mph
  • The speed can be controlled
  • Ergonomic design
  • Boasts a brushless motor with high efficiency

Product Link: Click Here

3. EGO Power+ LB6504 (B087RRLLQ3)

Product Description:

The EGO Power+ LB6504 doesn’t only look like a capable leaf blower, but it performs like one too. From the design to the performance, everything is premium about this model. It doesn’t come at a cheap price point, but it’s worth paying for. 

There’s a speed changing feature to this leaf blower that allows the user to change the speed from 225cfm to 500cfm. Again, if you need higher raw power, you can turn the turbo mode on. The turbo mode offers a 650cfm performance, which is more than enough for most users. 

If you use the 5amp per hour battery, you’ll be able to run this leaf blower for 200 minutes if you’re on the 225cfm settings. On the other hand, it lasts for 15 minutes on turbo mode, which is also very impressive. 

Overall, it’s one of the best battery powered leaf blowers, both performance and outlook.

Product Design and Quality:

As you can probably guess, the immense power of the EGO Power+ LB6504 is driven by a brushless motor. The motor is run by a 5Ah, 50V arc lithium battery. There’s a dial that allows the user to set the cfm to anywhere between 225 to 500cfm, which is very flexible. 

There are two types of nozzles to this, and you can select either a tapered or a flat nozzle. The entire tool is made of materials that are weather-resistant. The tool comes with a 5-year warranty, and the battery comes with a 3-year warranty. 

The leaf blower is pretty ergonomic, so you won’t get tired using it even after hours. 

Product Features:

  • 225 to 500cfm speed
  • Turbo mode offers 650cfm
  • %Ah, 50V arc lithium battery
  • Offers decent warranty of 5 years
  • Ergonomic design

Product Link: Click Here

4. Greenworks BL80L2510 (B01N11IBJU)

Product Description:

Just a bit below the price range of the Ego leaf blower, we have the Greenworks BL80L2510. This one is also an 80V blower, but unlike the previous Greenworks leaf blower, it’s doesn’t come with a brushless motor. Rather, this one offers a jet blower, which makes it slightly slower than the previous one. 

Slow or not, the Greenworks BL80L2510 packs quite a punch, and it’ll be more than enough for most households. You’ll be able to extract a maximum power of 580cfm at 145mph when the Turbo mode is turned on. 

Plus, there are other amazing features, such as speed control, where you can set the exact speed of the blower. Then, there’s the cruise control dial that’ll allow you to clear a vast space without much effort. The machine is very quiet, and you won’t have to pull any chord to get it started, which makes it easy to use the tool.

Product Design and Quality:

The Greenworks BL80L2510 has a comfortable grip. It’s ergonomically designed, and you’ll be able to find the cruise control, the variable speed trigger at your fingers reach when you need them. The quick-recharge feature allows the user to recharge this entire leaf blower in 40 minutes only, which makes it a great portable tool. With this leaf blower, you’ll get a 2.5Ah, 80V battery.

Product Features:

  • 145mph with 58-cfm at turbo mode
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Can be used in cruise mode or variable speed mode
  • Jet blower 
  • It takes only 40 minutes to recharge fully

Product Link: Click Here


Product Description:

With the BLACK+DECKER 60V, we’re entering the mid-range market. From here, the leaf blowers aren’t necessarily less powerful, but they aren’t as premium as the ones we’ve seen before. Now, the BLACK+DECKER comes with a 60V motor and axial fans that offer a 400-cfm speed. However, it must be noted that 60V is the highest level it reaches when it’s pushed to its limits. Otherwise, it stays at 54. The highest wind velocity of this leaf blower is 100mph. 

With this leaf blower, you’ll get a charge indicator that’ll inform you how much battery life is remaining. This comes in very handy when you’re out for a long operation, as you can always see how much it’ll last. 

The BLACK+DECKER 60V also comes with a metal scraper. With this, you can loosen up metallic debris and clean them. This is a unique addition that we haven’t found in many leaf blowers on the market. 

As you can see, the BLACK+DECKER 60V isn’t as powerful as the products we’ve mentioned above. However, it gets the job done perfectly for most people. So, if you aren’t looking for some insane raw power, that’ll do you good. 

Product Design and Quality:

The BLACK+DECKER 60V has an ergonomic design that allows the user to grip it tightly when working. Plus, the triggers, dials, and buttons are placed in such a way that you’ll always be able to reach them. The weight of this is 9.7 pounds, which isn’t that high. 

The product has a decent build, and it’s quite sturdy. It also offers a 3-year warranty, which makes it one of the best battery powered leaf blowers. 

Product Features:

  • With the Powerboost feature, you can reach up to 400cfm and 100mph
  • 60V battery
  • Has a moderate weight of 9.7 pounds
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with a metal scrapper that makes cleaning easy

Product Link: Click Here

6. Greenworks STBA40B210 (B01CA4PS8C)

Product Description:

The Greenworks STBA40B210 is one of the best battery powered leaf blowers that you can get at an affordable price. If you have a yard of ½ acre, this leaf blower will be best for you. The Greenworks STBA40B210 offers a wind velocity of 110mph and a power of 390cfm, which is ample. We must say that it isn’t an absolute beast, but it’ll get the job done if you have a smaller yard. 

The Greenworks STBA40B210 also features variable speed, which means that you can change the speed whenever you need it. It also has a cruise control function that offers greater flexibility when it comes to sweeping off a wide area. 

One of the best parts about the Greenworks STBA40B210 is that it is pretty light and thin, but it doesn’t feel flimsy. We think that we can credit that to its sturdy build, and we expected no less from Greenworks, a company that provides the best leaf blowers. 

Product Design and Quality:

The Greenworks STBA40B210 is driven by a 2Ah, 40V battery and an axial fan that provides 110mph and 390cfm power. It’s lightweight, and it offers an ergonomic design. So, it’s very easy to use. With a single charge, you can run this for 45 minutes straight.

Product Features:

  • Run time of 45 minutes
  • 2Ah, 40V battery
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • 110mph and 390cfm of wind speed

Product Link: Click Here

7. Enegitech 58V (B08BHP43K7)

Product Description:

Next in line is the Enegitech 58V, which is one of the best battery powered leaf blowers. Although it’s not the best in the market, it’s pretty decent, and it comes at a price range most of our readers can afford. If you can go for the products mentioned previously, we urge you to go with those. However, if those are breaking your bank, you better take a look at this one. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight leaf blower that can provide you a decent punch, the Enegitech 58V is a great choice for you. For starters, this leaf blower is so light that it can be used single-handedly. Even though it’s ultra-light, it hosts a powerful motor that can provide wind speed up to 145mph and 610cfm. 

If you’re tired of using the trigger all the time, you can use the cruise control. The cruise control of this leaf blower provides greater flexibility in terms of usage to the users. However, if you need variable airspeed, you can use the trigger to get that. The more you depress the trigger, the more power you’ll get from this tool. Then again, if you’re looking for the maximum speed, you can try the turbo mode. 

Product Design and Quality:

The Enegitech 58V features a brushless motor of 58V that’s very efficient when it comes to power draw. Then again, it’s super light. This amazing leaf blower weighs only 4.96 pounds, making it one of the lightest leaf blowers on the market.

Even though it’s light, it’s very durable at the same time. It’s got high impact resistance, so you won’t have to worry about its longevity. 

Product Features:

  • Turbo mode
  • Cruise mode for a constant speed
  • Trigger for variable speed
  • Reaches a max of 610cfm and 145mph wind speed
  • Features a 58V brushless motor for high efficiency
  • Affordable

Product Link: Click Here


Product Description:

The DEWALT 20V MAX is yet another amazing battery charged leaf blower. This product is definitely the lightest leaf blower you’ll find on the market. It weighs only 2.5 pounds, which makes it super easy to carry and control. 

However, to provide the ultra-light experience, the DEWALT 20V MAX has to sacrifice a bit on the power. You’ll get a maximum wind velocity of 135mph and 100cfm, which isn’t very high, especially if you compare it to the other products of this list. 

There is a total of three-speed variables with this tool. However, a lot of people might not find it much useful as the topmost speed setting is quite low in comparison to the other ones. Then again, you can use the trigger to use the variable speed function of this blower. 

Although this blower isn’t much powerful, it’s very affordable, lightweight, and it’s well built. So, if you’re looking for a durable leaf blower for cleaning a small space, you can go for this one! 

Product Design and Quality:

The DEWALT 20V MAX is very light, and it doesn’t offer any impressive power. However, it made into our list of the best battery powered leaf blowers with its lightweight and durability. 

Product Features:

  • Very light weighs only 2.5 pounds
  • Wind speed reaches up to 100cfm and 135mph
  • Offers both variable and cruise controls

Product Link: Click Here

9. K I M O. Cordless (B07MXH15ZN)

Product Description:

Then, we have the KIMO leaf blower. This leaf blower weighs around 2.3 pounds, which makes it only half as heavy as any other leaf blower on the market, and even less in many cases. 

Unfortunately, the KIMO isn’t as durable as the heavier options as it doesn’t feature the durable materials that the other blowers are made of. However, what makes this stand out is it’s 2-in-1 feature. It not only performs as a leaf blower, but it’s a decent vacuum too! 

So, if you’re looking for a product that offers more than one function, you can get this one. Moreover, it’s super cheap, so you won’t have to spend much on it. 

Product Design and Quality:

The KIMO cordless leaf blower can also be used as a vacuum cleaner, and we found this feature to be super innovative. However, we believe that the manufacturers could make a better product out of it by using premium and durable materials to build it. Other than that, we don’t have many complaints about it. 

Product Features:

  • 2-in-1 leaf blower
  • Very light weighs only 2.3 pounds
  • Extremely portable
  • Features variable speed

Product Link: Click Here


Product Description:

The last but not the least product in our list of the best battery powered leaf blowers is the BLACK+DECKER 20V. This product is definitely cheap, but it offers a decent amount of wind speed. You’ll get a wind speed of 130mph out of this tool, which is impressive. 

The BLACK+DECKER 20V features a 20V, 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery. The sleek and ergonomic build of this tool makes it light as a feather, and you can control and carry it singlehandedly even. If you’re looking for a budget pick, the BLACK+DECKER 20V is simply the best leaf blower you can get. 

Product Design and Quality:

Although it’s cheap and light, it doesn’t seem that the manufacturers have compromised the build quality with this tool. The BLACK+DECKER 20V features a premium build quality, and it’s a durable tool that’ll last for years. 

Product Features:

  • Lightweight
  • 20V, 1.5Ah lithium battery
  • Affordable pricing

Product Link: Click Here

Bonus Tip

How Much CFM is Suitable?

This is a question we often get from the buyers. Here’s a list that’ll help you determine the perfect CFM for yourself:

  • Under 200CFM: These aren’t that powerful, but they’re quite enough for cleaning the gutters, driveways, and sidewalks. 
  • 200-400CFM: If you are cleaning a small area, these are suitable for you. Usually, a yard of ½ acre can be cleared easily with these
  • Over 400 CFM: These are quite capable of clearing out large areas easily. Most leaf blowers that offer at least 400CFM also offer a turbo mode that provides around 600CFM. If 400CFM isn’t enough for you, you can turn the turbo mode on. 

Final Words

What is the best battery powered leaf blower on the market? Well, buying the best battery powered leaf blowers is very tough, but hopefully, not anymore! With our buying guide, you’ll be able to determine exactly what you need, and that’ll help you get the best leaf blower that you can afford! 

If you have no budget constraints, you can easily go for the Greenworks 80V or the Snapper XD. However, if you don’t need the raw power, even the BLACK+DECKER 20V will be enough for you. So, think carefully about your requirements, and choose accordingly, so you don’t end up wasting any money!

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