The 10 Best Gardening Gloves

Gardening isn’t all roses and flower showers; it’s an equal amount of pulling weeds, digging up roots, mixing the earth, and it’s a pretty sweaty process. These jobs tend to take a toll on your hands. All the dirt, debris, thorns, chemicals, some more irritants give you the perfect reason to opt for a good pair of gardening gloves to help your take care of your little (or big) sprouts. Gloves are one of the essential items needed for a gardener.

Almost every homeowner with a yard has this cheap pair of basic cotton gloves just existing in some corner of the house. But if you like being the garden for a longer time and actually wish to dedicate more efforts toward it, then you’ll realize that those worn-out gloves just don’t cut it. Cotton has this tendency of ripping easy, and it also gets wet. On top of that, it’s not the longest-lasting fabric. This is why it’s wiser to invest in a pair of leather gloves (the best option), or you could pick out a pair of Nitrile ones if the cost of the first seems too high. 

If you were looking for some honest suggestions on a pair of quality gardening gloves, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Stick around to find out which gardening gloves made it to our top 10 list and everything related to it.

Gloved Gardener

Buying Guide for Gardening Gloves

Don’t just buy the first gloves that pop up on your Google search. The perfect pair of gardening gloves must fill some criteria.


Cotton is a breathable material which will keep your hands cool during the heated days of summer. They’re snuggly against the skin and cause no weird tackiness or sweat. However, as mentioned before, they tear easily and get wet. If you don’t have any other alternatives and don’t tend to do a ton of heavy work in the garden, a pair of cotton gloves wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Nitrile is a kind of synthetic rubber. It’s loved for being durable, hypoallergenic, chemical-resistant, flexible, and harder to puncture. There is a wide range of cheaper gardening gloves that feature a nitrile coating. In general, nitrile may live long, but it doesn’t skimp out on giving that artificial, queasy plastic feeling against the skin.

Gardening gloves made of leather are the most durable. Since they’re that long-lasting, their prices are the highest out of the three available materials. Different leathers can be used in making these gloves, but goatskin is the most popular (again, the most expensive) due to its strong and flexible features. If you’re moving your hand through thorny bushes and prickly stems, we suggest you invest those extra coins on a leather gardening glove pair. If you don’t support leather, there are also faux leather and vegan alternatives for you to try out.

Best Gardening Gloves for Pulling Weeds

Tasks that require you to grab delicate plants or small seeds need gloves that are a flexible, thing, and snug. These flexible synthetic knit fabric gloves feature a nitrile coating that’s ideal for basic gardening tasks, and they can be washed and dried after usage. 

In addition to the synthetic gloves, lightweight goatskin leather gloves are also a good choice and will live for more than a season, generally. We don’t think cotton gloves would be that great of a choice with weeding, planting, and harvesting.

Best Gardening Gloves for Digging or Working with Stone

Do you want to edge a bed of stones or bricks, or lay a patio? If yes, you need some gardening gloves that can take on the heavy-duty work. Those will need to provide reinforced protection for your fingertips, so you don’t end up crushing your bones under something. Additionally, the gloves need to on the sturdier side – something that isn’t easily worn out by harsh landscape elements or gravel. Alongside the fit, dexterity is needed to provide your hands with protection and keep the gloves useable for longer. Pick gloves that offer added protection for your knuckles, palms, and fingertips, and also feature adjustable elastic wrists. Synthetic leather or actual leader or work gloves will be better suited to the tasks.

Best Gardening Gloves for Pruning

Even if there aren’t any rose plants in your garden, it’s best if you keep in hand a pair of rose gloves featuring an elongated gauntlet for general weeding or pruning of thorny plants. These longer cuffs protect your arms from scratches and cuts that can get pretty irritable. You will find some gardening gloves with reinforced fingertips or palms, but if the material is lightweight, there will be punctures, eventually leading to scratches. Ensure that the material is tough enough for the job.

Best Gloves for Pesticide Application

It goes without saying that you’ll need protective gear when applying chemicals to the garden, regardless of how safe the ingredients claim to be. In this case, gloves that are nonabsorbent are the only solution to keep you safe from the harmful effects of pesticides and herbicides. Pick something neoprene or latex coated, or maybe even nitrile dipped that secure the back part of your hand alongside the palms.

10 Best Gardening Gloves

  1. Bionic Women’s Relief Grip Gardening Gloves (B00D3QVX0E) – Best Overall

The Bionic Relief Grip Gardening Gloves protect your hands from pain and fatigue while you garden and they also keep dirt and debris away. For Arthritis patients or people with sensitive hands, these pairs could be the best gardening gloves as you’d be safe even after putting in long hours in the garden. An orthopedic hand surgeon designed these gloves, so you can be sure it was made to target the painful issues people have to face with gardening gloves. But just because they were made for this specific purpose doesn’t mean it’s not useable by everyone. The pad relief system provides enhanced grip by flattening the hand, not to mention the superior dryness inside the gloves thanks to the terrycloth material. 

These come in both men and women versions.  


  • Extra durable.
  • Flexible.
  • Crafted for arthritic hands.
  • Improved grip with silicone grips.
  • Adjustable wrist closure.


  • Pricey.

Product Link: Check Here

  1. Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves (B01K119UQW) – Best for Pruning

The Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves aren’t made of just any fabric; they’re made of thick goatskin – known for durability! On top of that, they’re extremely and comfortable and don’t heat up excessively against the hands. These extra-long split suede cuffs reach all the up to the elbows to offer better forearm protection from the prickly touch of cactuses, thorns, and needles. You can’t have these gloves puncturing when you’re working the thorny bushes, so the 100% natural, high-quality goat grain reinforces the strength and puncture resistance. No more scratches followed by painful bleeding! The lanolin is like a moisturizer to the skin, giving these gloves a supremely soft texture. An ergonomically designed thumb makes gripping garden tools easier.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll love these!


  • Good for people with arthritis. 
  • Very long-lasting. 
  • Comfy.
  • Quite stretchy.


  • Bleeds dye after a few months.

Product Link: Check Here

  1. Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves (B00W5TGD3W) – Best for Keeping Hands Dry

Even if you’ve been chipping away at the wet soil all day, or pulling weeds after a shower, the Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves will have you covered by being super-flexible and dry. Regardless of the sizing, you’ll be able to find something to fit you because there are five options. The material in itself is very breathable as it’s made of bamboo – making it environment-friendly as well. You can keep your hands cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. 

Fitting like a second skin, these gloves are also equipped with bare hand sensitivity, so you don’t have to take them off every time you need to access your device’s touchscreen. 


  • Excellent fit.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Allows air circulation.
  • Very comfy.


  • Not the most durable.

Product Link: Check Here

  1. Exemplary Gardens Heavy Duty Goatskin Leather Work Gloves (B075NSFP3H) – Best Heavy-Duty 

There are just some heavy-duty tasks, even in the garden that you can’t get done with any other gardening gloves. Why? Because they wouldn’t last the pressure and damaged beyond repair. That’s where the Exemplary Gardens Heavy Duty Goatskin Gloves in. Whether you’re digging a hole to plant a sapling, or turning over the soil in your garden, these sturdy gloves will ensure amazing protection against any cuts or scratches on the skin, and they’ll resist those themselves too! They’re made of goatskin which gives them the toughness of nails, but they’re still wonderfully soft and supple on the skin. Much like the other product from Exemplary Gardens, these gloves feature lanolin too. 

The ergonomically designed keystone thumbs are just the cherry on top of one of the best gardening gloves.


  • Makes things easier to grip.
  • Flexible.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Super sturdy.


  • Threading needs to be better reinforced.

Product Link: Check Here

  1. G & F 1852-3 Soft Jersey Garden Gloves (B001IMOG18) – Best Budget

If you want an excellent pair of gardening gloves that will be very gentle on your wallet, then the G & F Soft Jersey Garden Gloves will be right up your alley. The build is 100% cotton, so they’re super breathable, but that doesn’t cut back on the durability! You can get them in a pack of three pairs – green, red, and blue for a total bargain. Throw them into the washing machine after a long day of work without having to worry about spending time with them by the sink. 

Did we mention how adorable the design is? The flower prints on the knit wrist make it look like something that came out of your loving grandma’s shed; it’s as cute as it gets.


  • Very affordable.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Latex-free.
  • Warm and cozy fit.


  • Doesn’t prevent leakage when wet or muddy.
  • Not the sturdiest. 

Product Link: Check Here

  1. Wells Lamont HydraHyde Water-Resistant Gardening Gloves (B07KD5QHYV) – Best for Pulling Weeds

With a design that generic we didn’t know what to expect at what, but we were pleasantly surprised with these and had to place them on our list for best gardening gloves. The HydraHyde Water-Resistant Gardening Gloves feature true leather palms alongside reinforced fingertips that make it a good fit for basic gardening chores like turning and weeding. The adjustable wrist closure is always a good feature in any glove as it gets easier for the ones with extra small hands. Its leather build gives it a certain level of durability without taking away from the pliability. Don’t worry about getting these wet and the gloves are water-resistant and will keep your hands clean and dry. 

You could do a ton with these gloves – gardening, farming, landscaping, housework, and even DIY projects.


  • Allows customized fit near the wrist.
  • Stretchy spandex build.
  • Nicely comfortable.
  • Durable.


  • Some customers found it too small for their sizes.

Product Link: Check Here

  1. DIGZ 7651-23 Touch Screen Compatible Gloves (B01FDNR5NS) – Best for Touchscreen Compatibility

Want to Instagram your newest blossoms to flaunt that proud green finger moment? Have to take your gloves off to do the whole thing? Not with the DIGZ Touch Screen Compatible Gloves. These gloves were specifically made to be compatible with touchscreens – the fingertips that are. You can sneak a quick break from your gardening and scroll through your feed, watch a few videos, or look at what other master gardeners have been up to. Add that to the easy wash feature, and you have yourself a pair of the best gardening gloves. 

With a soft mesh construction paired with polyurethane palm and reinforcement, DIGZ Touch Screen Compatible Gloves are true favorites of the social media “gardening” influencers.


  • High-performance.
  • Comfy fit.
  • Durable.
  • Stretchy build.


  • Tends to run small.
  • Not very tough.

Product Link: Check Here

  1. Wells Lamont Latex-Coated Grip Winter Gloves (B00SV7BT0O) – Best for Winter

We know how hard it is to even get out of bed on a chilly day, but the garden will need your care. But there’s one more factor. How do you protect your hands from the freezing cold on winter or early spring day? Wells Lamont Latex-Coated Grip Winter Gloves presents itself to provide some much-needed warmth with the lightly-insulated design. Don’t think this restricts the dexterity of these gloves; you’ll be able to complete all your landscaping tasks like you would on a regular day. 

The thermal knit shell is super comfortable on the skin. Pair that up with the latex coating; you’ll get gloves that can take on some spine-chilling weathers while being grip-friendly. 


  • Superior grip.
  • High elasticity.
  • Affordable. 
  • High tear resistance.


  • The description says nitrile dipped when it’s actually latex dipped.
  • Runs small.

Product Link: Check Here

  1. Garden Genie Gloves (B01LOJRXE6) – Best for Digging

On days when you really need to get your hands dirty and play around in the dirt (productively, that is), the Garden Genie Gloves will be your best friends. These waterproof, puncture-resistant, durable pieces easily make it on our list for best gardening gloves, and they’re the only ones of their kind. Instead of using a shovel or trowel, just go in with the sharpened nails attached on the right-hand glove. You can quickly dig without using any extra tools. The grip on these is remarkable.

We really liked how the gloves extended past the wrist, which is good to keep skin safe from prickly thorns, needles, or more garden hazards. They’re also unisex!


  • Built-in claws do great in digging.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Waterproof.


  • Claws are fixed on the right hand – not reversible.
  • Not the snuggest fit. 

Product Link: Check Here

  1. StoneBreaker Gloves Gardener Women’s Gardening Glove (B00L4Z7WEC) – Best Leather Gloves

When working with thorny bushes or prickly branches, a durable pair like the ones made from goatskin are the best choices, and the StoneBreaker Gloves Gardener Gloves stay true to its name on sturdiness and functionality. The build is a blend of goatskin and synthetic fabrics – the first part gives your hands reinforced protection while the latter makes it flexible and breathable. There’s another version of these gloves –the Gardener Pro which is made entirely of leather. You could go for that, but we found these work just as well. The leather has been stitched twice and reinforced where you’ll be putting more power, so rest assured, this pair is here to stay in your shed for a while. 

Although technically made for women, these can be worn by men too. 


  • Light and flexible.
  • Great value for money.
  • Durable design.
  • Multiple sizes.


  • Sizes run small

Product Link: Check Here

Ending Thoughts

When it comes to the best gardening gloves, the choice gets rather personal. Consider what you need and your budget. We hope this guide was helpful in easing your shopping journey, and you’ll now be able to make an informed decision.

Happy gardening!

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