Everything You Need for Using Electric Lawn Edgers

Are you interested in maintaining a garden or a yard that looks beautiful and clean? If so, then weeding, trimming, and raking alone won’t be able to provide you what you’re looking for. You probably know about lawn mowers, maybe even strimmers. But If you want to keep your yard the cleanest, you must use a lawn edger. 

Green grass
Clean Cut Grass

What is a Lawn Edger?

Have you seen that in many properties that the strips of grass along the walkways or flower beds are neatly trimmed in a straight line? This delicate detail can only be achieved with a lawn edger. No matter what you do to maintain your garden or yard, it won’t look perfect unless you’re using electric lawn edger properly.

However, this can’t be done with lawnmowers. In fact, in many countries, this is done manually with a trowel, which is nearly inhuman. That leaves us with the garden tools made especially for this, the lawn edgers. 

At first, people used manual lawn edgers. These look like a shovel, but the difference is that they have a thin, round metal plate with spikes on them. Using electric lawn edger that is manual is very tough, as it can take up a lot of time. 

Then, there are the gas-powered lawn edgers. These are very powerful, as most gas-powered garden tools are. They are easier to use than the manual lawn edgers. These are usually made of durable materials, so they can withstand the test of time very easily. However, the gas-powered lawn edgers use organic fuel, so they emit black smokes, which can be very irritating. 

Finally, we have our favorite, the electric lawn edgers. The electric lawn edgers combine the better of the previous two types. That is, these are powerful enough to take care of large areas, and they’re very durable. However, they aren’t energy-hungry, and they don’t emit any smoke as they don’t use fuel. 

Moreover, electric lawn edgers are very lightweight, which makes it easier to carry around, and they’re easy to use. The electric lawn edgers are also very compact, which makes them easier to store as well. Unlike the gas-powered ones, you don’t have to refill these, which reduce a lot of tasks. 

As you can see, there are tons of benefits to using electric lawn edger. However, there are two types of electric lawn edgers. Firstly, there are the corded ones, and secondly, there are the battery-powered lawn edgers. The difference between them is simple; the corded ones need to be attached to an external power source all the time, while the battery-powered ones carry a power source such as a battery. 

How to Pick the Right Electric Lawn Edger?

Now that you know why you should get yourself an electric lawn edger, it’s time for you to know how you can choose the best electric edger for yourself. Here, we’ll talk about some factors that’ll help you select the right electric lawn edger for yourself.

Size of the Yard

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “How big is my yard?” This is the primary factor that’ll determine which electric lawn edger will be perfect for you. If your lawn is way too big, most probably, you won’t be able to trim every edge with an electric lawn edger, but you’ll need a gas-powered lawn edger instead. 

However, most households aren’t that big, and unless you’re living in a mansion with acres of land, you’ll be fine with electric lawn edgers. 

Then again, you’ll need to consider how much length you’ll need to cover. To determine this, determine the edges of the yard, the flowerbeds, the walkways, and the sidewalks. Even if you have a small yard, but the total perimeter of these is a lot, you’ll need an electric lawn edger with bigger motors. 

Type of Blade

Usually, electric lawn edgers come with blades that spin perpendicularly to the ground. This type of blades helps achieve a straight cut. 

However, nowadays, you can find blades that are angled rather than being straight. These blades can give off a different type of finish to the yard, which is also amazing. 

Then again, blades can be of different shapes too. Here are some of them:

Flat-Blade with Scoop Cut

The flat blades with scoop cut are suitable for edging the places that you can’t afford to damage. For example, you can use these blades at the sides of a flower bed. With this type of blades, you can cut the edges clearly without affecting the flower bed itself.

Flat Rectangular Blade

The flat rectangular blades are the easiest to use, and they are best paired with electric or gas lawn edgers. The blades rotate in thick soil, uprooting any grass and weed along with it. This is one of the most used blade-types. 

Star-Shaped Blade

Finally, there are the star-shaped blades. These blades perform amazingly when they’re used to edge barriers or fences. With these blades, you can control the growth of bushes, and you can uproot any weed that’s disrupting the beauty of your yard. 

By considering the aforementioned points, you can select the best electric lawn edger for yourself. However, once you do that, you need to use it. Now, we’ll talk about using electric lawn edger perfectly.

How to Use an Electric Lawn Edger?

Firstly, we must mention that each lawn edger comes with a handbook. We urge you to go through that as different lawn edgers have to be operated in a different manner. Once you’ve gone through the handbook, you can follow this procedure:

Take Protective Measures

You can’t just jump into it without any protection, or you might get injured. Even if you don’t get injured, you’re going to suffer from skin rash if you get too much of that grass on you. So, you should wear full-sleeved shirts and long trousers at first before using electric lawn ledger. 

After that, you should put on high rubber boots. We suggest rubber boots as these can withstand heavy blows as well as water and mud damage. If you have these boots on, you can protect yourself from the blades and wheels of the lawn edger, and the boots themselves won’t be damaged as rubber is water-resistant. 

Plus, we recommend you wear goggles. Wearing goggles will save your eyes from any incoming grass or pebbles that the edger might kick up. If the sound of the lawn edger seems unbearable to you, you can use earmuffs or noise-canceling earphones. 

Prepare the Lawn for Edging

Before you start edging your yard, you need to mow it. If you edge your lawn first and mow it later, you’ll end up with a lawn with an unfinished look. Then again, mowing it later may result in different sizes of grass in different portions of your lawn. That’s why it’s highly recommended you mow it first if you don’t want your lawn to have an unfinished look. 

Marking the Edges

The edging won’t be perfect if you don’t mark it beforehand. To mark your yard, you need to take an adequately long rope that can cover a considerable portion of the perimeter of your yard. For example, if you have a 50m long yard, you’ll be good off with a 30m long rope. 

To start marking, you need to lay the rope down on the edges of the yard but remember to keep a small distance between the edge and the rope. Keep the rope half inches from the edges on the inner side of the yard for the best result, and make you that you put some pebbles on the rope in an interval, so it doesn’t stray. 

When you’re going to edge the yard, aim for the grass that’s on the outer side of the rope and try to clear it completely. Once you’re done, you’ll be left with a yard with perfect edges. 

Rest assured, once you repeat this process several times, your hands and eyes will become trained. From then on, you won’t have to mark your lawn every time you trim the edges. 

Remove Debris from the Path

Before you start trimming the edges, you need to make sure that the edges of the yard aren’t full of debris. If there’s any debris on the grass when you’re trimming it, the blades may get damaged. Then again, the blades sometimes kick the debris upwards, which can potentially harm your face or eyes. 

So, you should be careful in clearing out any debris on the grass before you start. Then again, don’t trim at a place where water or electricity lines may be. This can damage those utility lines, and you’ll have to pay a great deal to get those fixed. 

Edging the Lawn

Once you’re done cleaning the debris from the grass, you need to edge the lawn. Edging the lawn will allow you to run the electric lawn edger smoothly across the line, and it’ll make the process more efficient overall. 

Firstly, you need to take a shovel and dig a shallow trench along the pavement and make sure that the trench is at least an inch wide. Edging helps the user maintain a straight line all across the yard. If you veer off from the course, you’ll end up cutting a part of the grass from the yard, which will ruin the looks of the lawn. 

Edging will prevent you from veering off, and even if you do so accidentally, it’ll be easy to come back to the original course. 

Trimming the Grass

Now comes the hardest part, trimming the edges. As you’ll be using an electric lawn edger, the process will be comparatively easier for you. Make sure that the edger is adequately charged. As the electric lawn edgers don’t offer too powerful a battery, we always recommend you charge them to the fullest, lest the battery runs out. 

To start the process, turn the edger on, hold it against the edged surface and start walking forward slowly. Make sure that you’re cutting along the line you marked previously. If you stray towards the yard, you’ll end up putting a scar on the yard, so it’s very important to stay focused when you’re trimming the edges. 

If you’re new to this, walk slowly. The slower you walk, the more likely you’re to retain control of the lawn edger. On the other hand, if you walk faster, the edger may start to wobble, and you’re more likely to veer inwards or outwards. So, don’t think about how much time you’re taking, but focus on the perfection of the job. 

When you’re trimming the edges of the lawn, it’s very easy to lose concentration, and people often end up edging the yard to an unnatural depth while using an electric lawn edger. The ideal depth is 2 inches. If you cut it less than 2 inches deep, there’s a great chance that the weeds and the grasses will grow up very quickly, as their roots remain in there. 

On the other hand, if you cut it too deep, it’ll look out of place and will ruin the beauty of your yard or garden. 

Lucky for you, as you’ll be using an electric lawn edger, you’ll be able to maintain the depth easily. The electric lawn edgers come with a dial that allows the users to set adequate depth according to the user’s necessity.  

Trim the Grass Manually

Using a lawnmower to cut the grasses is very efficient. However, even the best tools leave some grasses untouched or cut improperly. To give your garden the best look, you should cut these overgrown grasses manually with a shear. You can use a manual shear, or you can go for the electric pruning shears as those are very efficient. 

What is the Best Electric Lawn Edger?

There are thousands of different products when it comes to electric lawn edgers, which makes it tough to find the best electric lawn edger. However, as we’ve been recommending these to our readers for years, now we can surely say which one is the best for you, in your budget range. 

But, it’s worth mentioning that there’s no ‘best’ electric lawn edger. Which lawn edger will be the best for you depends on multiple factors. For example, if you have a large lawn, you need a powerful edger. On the other hand, if you have a comparatively smaller lawn, buying a powerful electric lawn edger will be a waste for you. 

So, considering your purpose, budget, and convenience, we tried to put forth a list of the best electric lawn edgers that you can buy right now. Let’s take a look at them! 

5 Best Electric Lawn Edgers

1. Worx WG163.8- Best Overall (B083GFYT36)

Product Description:

If you’re looking for an overall best product, we’ll definitely recommend the Worx WG163.8 is the best electric lawn edger. The Worx WG163.8 boasts a 20V battery, but it can also be taken as a 40V variant. However, we think that 20V will be more than enough for most households, so we recommend you save the extra money.

One of the best things about the Worx WG163.8 is that this tool features two functions. Which means you can use it either as a trimmer or an edger. With the Worx WG163.8, you don’t have to buy to separate tools to get the job done for you, which will save a lot of your money. 

The head of the Worx WG163.8 is very flexible. In fact, it can bend up to 90 degrees. This will allow you to reach places where you otherwise couldn’t. 

Product Design and Quality:

The Worx WG163.8 features a 2Ah, 20V battery, which is exactly what you need. It’s a very lightweight product, so the users will be able to maneuver it single-handedly with ease. Then again, it’s made of durable material, which makes it super sturdy. Overall, we found that this tool is the most durable amongst all of the lawn edgers available. 

Product Features:

  • 2Ah, 20V battery that lasts for a long time
  • The flexible head can bend up to 90 degrees
  • The 2-in-1 function can be used both as a trimmer and an edger
  • The shaft can be extended for taller users

Product Link: Click Here

2. Greenworks 27032- Best Corded (B0030BG1IG)

Product Description:

The Greenworks 27032 offers a flexible handle, a 12V battery, and great flexibility when it comes to usage. However, it must be mentioned that the Greenworks 27032 is a corded electric lawn edger, which means that you need to have a power outlet nearby when you’re using it. 

Having a corded lawn edger has its pros and cons. If you have a power outlet nearby and don’t mind a bit of cable management, this tool will do you great. Then again, as these are corded, you won’t have to worry about the battery drainage, and they offer a considerable amount of more power compared to the battery-powered ones. 

The front wheel of this lawn edger comes with spring assist. This allows the lawn edger to adjust to different heights. Again, there’s the auxiliary handle that provides greater comfort to the users.  

One of the best features is the cord lock feature. This ensures that the cord doesn’t get disconnected if there’s an accidental pull. We were looking forward to this for a long time, and we’re happy that it’s included finally! 

Product Design and Quality

The Greenworks 27032 lawn edgers are equipped with double-edged blades of 7.5″. These perform great when it comes to scooping up the roots of the grass and the weed. The front-wheel design is very convenient, and the cord lock system is amazing as well. The Greenworks 27032 is durable, impact-proof, and it’s more likely to withstand the test of time. 

Product Features

  • Powerful 12V motor
  • Corded
  • Cord lock function
  • Doble-edged blades of 7.5.”
  • Durable, impact-proof

Product Link: Click Here

3. BLACK+DECKER LE750- Best Raw Power (B00004DTNH)

Product Description

If you’re looking for an absolute beast of a lawn edger, the BLACK+DECKER LE750 will be the perfect choice for you. This is a corded lawn edger, and it comes with a 12V motor that offers great raw power. With this raw power, the BLACK+DECKER LE750 can cut through overgrowth easily, and it’ll be able to uproot every weed and grass in its way. 

It also features a two in one function. With the pull-up edge function, you can turn the BLACK+DECKER LE750 into a landscape trencher. This makes the BLACK+DECKER LE750 not only great for edging the yard but great for fence installation as well. 

Product Design and Quality

The BLACK+DECKER LE750 is a very convenient gear. You can assemble it without any additional tool, which we found to be very convenient. The blades can be set to three different positions, so you can get three different depths out of it. 

Then again, the BLACK+DECKER LE750 can be changed to function like a wide trencher, which is another amazing function of it. 

Product Features

  • Provides great power with its 12V battery
  • Corded lawn edger
  • Can be used as a landscape trencher as well
  • Three-blade settings

Product Link: Click Here

4. BLACK+DECKER 20V- Best Value (B019Z72FM4)

Product Description

We are looking for an electric lawn edger that offers the best value for money? The BLACK+DECKER 20V is the one for you. Unlike the previous BLACK+DECKER lawn edger, this one isn’t that robust, neither is it corded. 

However, that doesn’t mean that the BLACK+DECKER 20V doesn’t offer brute strength. With its 20V battery, the BLACK+DECKER 20V can easily uproot weeds, grasses, and pebbles. As it isn’t a corded lawn edger, you’ll be able to use it with a single hand. 

Then again, the BLACK+DECKER 20V can be used as a trimmer. If you’re going to buy a trimmer and an edger, we recommend you buy this product than buying two individual tools. It’ll be more cost-effective. Then again, the BLACK+DECKER 20V provides the best value even when it comes to lawn edgers, so buying this will be a no-brainer. 

However, as it isn’t corded, you’ll be restricted with the amount of time you can use it for. It comes with a rechargeable battery, and there are two-speed settings that you can choose from. As it offers two-speed settings, you can always choose the one you require, and you can save energy when you can.

Then again, it comes with the Automatic Feed Spool (AFS). Due to this feature, the trimmer is fed automatically, and you won’t need to take any extra measures for bumping it. 

Product Design and Quality

The BLACK+DECKER 20V is super lightweight. You can handle it easily with a single hand. However, we highly recommend you use two hands to maneuver it. As it’s a high-power lawn edger, it may stray more easily than you might expect. 

Although it weighs only 5.7 pounds, it’s super sturdy. The robust build of the BLACK+DECKER 20V makes it durable and impact resistant. 

Product Features

  • Can reach up to 20V maximum
  • Can be used as a trimmer as well as an edger
  • The power drive transmission feature provides an increased torque
  • Offers two-speed settings

Product Link: Click Here

5. Ryobi ONE+- Best Cordless (B07B6FS2Z1)

Product Description

If you’re looking for great raw power in a cordless electric lawn edger, the Ryobi ONE+ might be a great choice for you. Ryobi is a well-known brand when it comes to garden tools, and they don’t disappoint with the Ryobi ONE+ either. 

This amazing cordless lawn edger uses an 18V battery, which makes this lawn edger super powerful. Although it’s very powerful, it requires a great amount of energy to be operated properly. If you have a huge yard, you might need to charge it again to get the job done. To avoid this, you can get yourself a spare battery too. 

Product Design and Quality

The Ryobi ONE+ comes equipped with a 9″ edging blade. This blade can be set to four different depths, which offers great flexibility to the users. The wheels are at the front and back, and they offer great stability to the lawn edger.

Then again, this lawn edger is very light and durable. You can use it without any rust or dent for years. However, if it falls often, it will exhibit scratches. 

Product Features

  • 18V battery
  • Cordless design
  • 9″ edging blade
  • Four depth settings

Product Link: Click Here

Final Words

For many years, we’ve seen that people are usually very confused when it comes to using an electric lawn edger. In this piece of writing, we tried to answer all the questions anyone can have about lawn edgers.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve understood why you should opt for an electric lawn edger. An electric lawn edger is far easier to use than a gas-powered one or a manual edger. Then again, it’s cheaper than a gas-powered edger as well! 

So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for an electric lawn edger. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed the best electric lawn edgers. From this list, you can pick the one that suits you best.

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